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This small Piceno town of 2,300 inhabitants, is located in the hills between the valleys of the river Aso to the north and the Menocchia to the south. It looks across to the Sibillini Mountains and to the sea, only a few kilometres away.

According to tradition, the name Montefiore relates to the worship of the goddess Flora, a rural deity worshiped by the ancient Italic population before the Roman conquest. Several burial remains date between the ninth and fourth centuries BC.


The Adriatic coast is one of the most beautiful in Italy with the predominantly fine golden sand interrupted occasionally by some pebbly beaches. The coast lends itself to quiet holidays.

The Riviera delle Palme at Grottamare in particular, is a magnificent place and just a few kilometres from Casa Centanni.

Here you can spend wonderful days relaxing by the sea on a public beach or at a chalet.

Fairs and festivals, music and trendy bars are concentrated along this stretch of coast from San Benedetto del Tronto to Ancona.


The Sibillini Mountains are the fourth highest mountain range in the continental Apennines.

They are basically made of limestone, formed on the bed of ancient warm seas.

The peaks in some cases exceed 2,000 m altitude, and the highest are Monte Vettore (2,476 m), Pizzo della Regina or Monte Priora, Monte Bove and Monte Sibilla.

The Sibillini Mountains are rich in legends and fascinating stories and are surrounded by ancient mountain villages. It is an astonishing place for a holiday, leisure time, hiking and winter sports.

Notable is Lago di Pilato, for its particular location and beauty and its geological history that makes it part of the headwaters of the river Aso and part of the karst landscape of the area.